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Following the recent tragedy at Grenfell Tower, we asked the Department for Education (DfE) for a statement regarding the fire safety of our new building, particularly the cladding.  We have received the following reassurances:

  • All projects delivered by ESFA [the funding agency of the DfE] comply with current guidance relating to Fire Safety. Contractors must ensure compliance with Building Regulations through the development of a Fire Strategy which forms part of the design of the school. Technical Advisers review all Fire Strategies within Contractors Proposals on behalf of the ESFA and implementation of the requirements is monitored regularly during construction by the Independent Certifier, Building Control Officer and our Technical Advisers.

  • Where a fire risk assessment shows that sprinklers should be provided as a property protection, they must be.

  • All construction must comply with Building Regulations including materials resistant to the spread of fire.

We would also add that our fire evacuation strategy is to empty the building as quickly as possible.  We practice this at least twice a year so all our students and staff know what to do and the new building is very well designed for effective evacuation.  We hope that this will provide comfort to our parents/carers, students, staff and visitors. 

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