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We have a wide range of healthy meals and snacks at reasonable prices provided for us by Chartwells Catering.

Explore the pages on the left for examples of our menus and special theme days. Our nutritionally balanced menus include a range of healthy options such as jacket potatoes, Pasta Pasta pots, fresh fruit, fruit drinks and salad boxes. A hot main meal with pudding is available daily at just £2.10.

A balanced diet is essential for the maintenance and protection of health, to ensure that full mental and physical potential is reached and to optimise growth and development. Our catering provider, Chartwells, uses the highest quality fresh, unprocessed food incorporating seasonal and regional produce where possible. Chartwells follow the Government´s Nutritional Standards and work with suppliers to reduce the fat, salt and sugar levels of their food. Chartwells choose low-fat or lean ingredients where possible and use low-fat cooking methods. Meals and snacks at school are nutritionally balanced and competitively priced to encourage healthy eating.

Statement on standards of meat products

We have received the following statement from Chartwells - our caterers:

"The traceability and quality of our food is our top priority. All of our nominated suppliers have to meet strict food quality and safety standards and they regularly undergo independent audits to ensure these standards are upheld.  In addition we have asked all of our meat suppliers to re-confirm their compliance with the required traceability, testing and hygiene processes. We have received this confirmation from all of our current UK nominated meat suppliers, who have also verified that all of our meat products adhere to the required standards and specifications.

In light of recent events, we have taken the decision to use only processed beef products that have been sourced and processed in the UK and Ireland for the foreseeable future. As a result of this decision, we have withdrawn a small number of processed beef products from our range.  We have also begun a comprehensive and independent DNA testing programme across all of our processed meat products.

This is a challenging time for the food industry but I would like to reassure you that through our industry leading supply chain we are taking all possible steps to ensure the integrity of the products we provide to you is maintained."

We hope that parents and students will be reassured by this, but if you have any specific enquiries, please do contact the school.

Campus awarded Green Apple Award for “Best Environmental Practices” external award in recognition of their commitment to being and environmentally friendly organisation.

Food hygiene awarded 5* rating for the “Scores on the Doors” from the Environmental Health Officer for hygiene in the kitchen and quality of food.

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