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In this section, we have gathered information that parents and carers ask us about most frequently - like where to buy the uniform, when the school terms start and finish and even what your child will be having for lunch. We have also added a list below of the most frequently asked questions for you. 

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What to do if... 

  • If my child is late
    Students are expected to be in school from 8:20 am to start their VMG promptly at 8:30 am. If your child arrives late to school (after 8:30 am) please make sure they know how to get to the main entrance as external gates are locked promptly. Late students need to sign in at reception. Parents/carers will be informed by text and the Attendance Policy will be followed with regard to sanctions.
  • If my child is absent
    To inform the school of any absence please contact the Attendance Office directly on 01423 554087 or via Reception on 01423 548800 Option 4.
  • If my child needs a medical/dental appointment
    Medical and dental appointments should be arranged out of school time.  If this is unavoidable a medical letter or absence note should be shown to the Health Support Officer (Miss Green).  Your child will need to sign out and back in at the Attendance Office.
  • My child needs time off during term time.
    Leave of absence during term time will not be granted unless there are exceptional circumstances. Application forms should be collected and returned to the Attendance Office.  Permission will not normally be given for holidays during term time.
  • My child has lost something
    Ask at Reception to see if it has been handed in and tell your child to tell your Vertical Mentor or Student Support Officer.  All property should be marked with your child’s full name.
  • My child forgets their independent learning/PE Kit or essential equipment
    Please encourage your child to apologise to their subject teacher before the lesson and find out how they can rectify the problem.
  • My child is being bullied or you know someone who is
    Contact your child’s Student Support Officer ASAP
  • My child does not feel well
    Tell a member of staff or speak to the School Medical Nurse (Miss Green)
  • My child has to take medication
    Inform the Health Support Officer (Miss Green).  Medication should be clearly labelled with your child’s name and given to Mrs Fletcher to be locked away until they need it.  The only exception is if your child has an inhaler, but they can keep that with them.
  • My child does not have the correct uniform
    Please write a note for your child to explain why and seek to rectify it ASAP.  Your child can show teachers when they are asked about their missing/incorrect uniform.  Without a good reason, this is likely to result in your child being educated in alternative provision.
  • My child wants to take up paid work
    An NYCC work permit is required for all students over 13 years of age who wish to work part-time.  Please see your Student Support Officer or Mrs Merson.
  • My contact details change
    Please contact reception or ask for a ‘Change of Student Details’ form.  Alternatively, contact your Student Support Officer.  It is important that we have up to date contact information.
  • My child has a problem with their dinner account
    Your child should go and see their Student Support Officer or the Catering Manager in the dining room.  They should do this before they want to use the account as it may not be possible during break and lunchtimes.

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