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Welcome to Sixth Form

Continuing (or beginning) your education at Harrogate High School Sixth Form is a real experience. After overcoming the hurdle of your GCSEs, our exceptionally high standards of teaching and learning will be vital to support you in the next phase of your education. Our Sixth Form has developed a reputation for having a friendly, dedicated and studious environment which is coupled with the strong community spirit, allowing students to meet new people and establish lasting friendships. In turn, this allows our students to achieve to the very best of their ability and we are pleased to say that once again, this is reflected in our most recent A level results.

Joining the Sixth Form will be the most dramatic and exciting change in your education since moving up from Primary School. You will be studying only your favourite subjects; you will wear business dress; you will have an active role within the school and in supporting younger students and staff; and a positive working relationship with staff. Being in Sixth Form will be a highly enjoyable time in your education.

At Harrogate High School we treat every student as an individual and feel passionate about educating a whole person rather than manufacturing students that merely attain a set of qualifications. Our Sixth Form offers a wide range of academic and vocational courses, as well as many extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities. As part of this, we are incredibly excited about launching our brand new ‘Shaping My Future programme’ which will be essential to support students to develop the skills and qualities for the next stage in your life. During this time we will focus on developing: employability skills, financial literacy, knowledge of sex and relationships, business and enterprise, applying for university and careers.

There are vast array of opportunities available in the Sixth Form that you will be able to throw yourself enthusiastically into. Only in then will you be able to say, ultimately, that you made the most of the opportunities offered to you.  

Remember, what you get out of the Sixth Form will be in proportion to what you put in. Throw yourself into it; work hard; do the best you can.

Mr L Wilson

Head of Sixth Form

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