How to Choose a Course FAQs

What subject do I want to study?  

This must be a subject you enjoy and you are confident will enable you to follow your planned career pathway.


Can I study a subject I have never studied before? 

Yes you can! It is very possible to study a ‘new’ subject providing you meet the course’s entry requirements.


I can’t choose between my two favourite subjects. 

It is often possible to study two combined subjects at university e.g. English literature and history.


How do I want my course to be assessed – modular, coursework, exams? 

Different methods of assessment are offered at different institutions so be sure to research your favoured courses thoroughly.


Do I have the required entry grades for what I want to study?

Each course and university will have different entry grades/requirements so ensure you research this thoroughly and if in doubt see Mr L Wilson.


Where can I study this course?

The location of the university is largely up to you as there are many thousands of courses offered throughout the UK.

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