Curriculum Rationale

  • We are deliberately raising the profile of knowledge in our curriculum because “knowing things” matters, acknowledging its power for making sense of the world, its ability to activate thinking and generate learning (we cannot think about something we don’t know).
  • We are deliberately omitting any mention of examinations and end of course assessment, in order to balance and broaden our students’ learning experience.
  • We are deliberately raising the aspiration and ambition of our curriculum because we want our students to have the right to choose their futures, not be limited by their experience or frame of reference.
  • We are deliberately being inclusive with our curriculum so that we do not disadvantage anyone in the entitlement we are providing- and we are being responsive to the students and their needs.
  • We are deliberately raising the importance of cultural capital and vocabulary, acknowledging the role that these play in unlocking opportunities and potential and removing barriers for our students’ success in the future.
  • We are deliberately focusing on citizenship, equality and diversity, seeking to create young people who can make a difference in this world and to the communities in which they live.

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