Key Stage 4 Core Curriculum

Students study a mix of compulsory subjects (core & foundation) and, if they so elect, a course of study in a subject within each of four ‘entitlement’ areas. The compulsory subjects (with statutory programmes of study) are: English, Maths, Science, ICT/Computing, PE and Citizenship. In relation to science, students have a statutory entitlement to have access to a course of study leading to at least two science GCSEs

The Harrogate High School Key Stage 4 Core Curriculum enables all students to study English Language, English Literature, Maths, Science, Physical Education or Dance, ICT/Computing, RE and Citizenship. Depending on suitability students can also study single Sciences; Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Key Stage 4 Choices System

The statutory requirements in relation to the entitlement areas are:

  • Schools must provide access to a minimum of one course in each of the four entitlement areas
  • Schools must provide the opportunity for pupils to take a course in all four areas, should they wish to do so
  • A course that meets the entitlement requirements must give pupils the opportunity to obtain an approved qualification

These subjects do not have statutory programmes of study. The entitlement areas and subjects within each of them are:

  • Arts: Art & Design, Music, Dance, Drama, Media arts
  • Design & Technology: Design & Technology
  • Humanities: Geography, History
  • Modern Foreign Language (MFL)

At Harrogate High School students are given a free choice of subjects within the options available, as far as the constraints of timetable and class size allow. Our new Choices Curriculum provides students with three option choices, these courses are studied across Years 9-11. Students can pick courses from all four entitlement areas. Where subjects are over subscribed, and discussions with students have not led to sufficient changes, the school will look at suitability for the course and hold discussions with parents.  If subjects do not attract a sufficient number to be viable the school reserves the right not to run them. We continue to offer the suite of English Baccalaureate (EBacc) subjects as a choice for all students. We strongly advise all students to study at least one EBacc choices subject from Triple Science, MFL, History or Geography.

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