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We operate a biometric cashless system in school that avoids the need for students to pay cash for their meals.  The system uses the latest biometric technology that is able to recognise the thumb or finger of the student at the revaluation pay points and at the tills.

The cashless solution does not store finger prints.  When a finger is originally scanned the system creates a unique algorithm from the scanned points.  This data is then immediately encrypted and as such serves no purpose other than unique identification within the school.

The encrypted data cannot be accessed by any person within the school or by any outside third party.  When a student leaves the school ALL associated personal and biometric data is automatically removed and deleted.

This system provides the school with details of meal trends and allows parents to request a report to see what their son or daughter has bought.  It also means there are no mislaid or broken meal cards and students do not need to carry cash as parents can pay by cheque if they wish (although there are revaluation machines which take cash if students choose to top up their  accounts themselves). 

For students on free school meals, the value of the hot meal with pudding is automatically added to their account every day.

We do need parental permission for this, so parents, please ensure you complete your data sheet and either give permission or request an alternative method of payment.

We also have ParentPay so that dinner payments may be made online - further information can be found here.


How do I know what food and drink my son or daughter is buying?  

You may call the number below or send an e-mail and Chartwells can supply you with what your son/daughter is buying daily.  Please supply an address as the report will be sent out in the post.

What if I am entitled to Free School Meals?

If your child is entitled to free school meals, this will go onto our system automatically.  The system works exactly the same as for paid meals, but the money is automatically credited every day and no one can tell if you have free school meals or not.

How much should I pay?

You should decide how far ahead you would wish to make the credit (a week or two, a month, or the full term).  Obviously, you will choose how frequently you make the payment.  We suggest a rate of about £10.00-£12.00 per week.  If you decide to buy credit for the whole term, the recommended sum would be about £150.00.

How do I pay?

Payments should be made using the ParentPay system.  Log in at  If you don´t have access to the internet, don´t worry.  Our office manager, Mrs Everstead will advise you on alternatives if you contact her on the main school number. 

What are the advantages of a cashless system?

For students, it reduces the risk of cash related bullying, reduces queuing time and increases dining and social time and enables anonymity for free meal students.  For parents, it enhances your control over the spending of ´dinner money´, ensuring cash is spent at school, on lunch!  It also helps ensure students take their free meal entitlement as they are not seen to be paying any differently to anyone else and it can be used to manage a dietary or medically related issue.


The Catering Manager, Gary Shearer
Tel: 01423 705037

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