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To end the term on a high note (literally!), we would like to create our very own NSAT ‘virtual choir’: the ‘NSAT Big Sing.’ You may have seen numerous virtual choirs of this nature on social media/on television, such as Gareth Malone’s Great British Home Chorus, where lots of people are visible onscreen at home singing the same song and their individual recordings are mixed together using technology to produce the effect of a massed choir. We would love to achieve something similar with our pupils, staff and families, and hope to inspire and uplift our trust community, ending a term that has been a challenging and stressful time for us all with the unifying power of music.

The song we would like the virtual choir to perform is Gary Barlow’s ‘Sing.’ Both HHS Choir and Key Stage 3 students at SGHS have previously sung this, and it is a great song with a powerful message. We know that it is popular with many primary schools as well. We would like the finished video to go out the last day of term to end the academic year on a high.

The information that pupils, families and staff will need to know is as follows:

Equipment list:

  1. Headphones
  2. MP3 Player/Computer, iPad (something to play the track on through the headphones)
  3. Backing track (attached to this email)
  4. Lyrics (attached to this email)
  5. Camera to record video (film in LANDSCAPE, please)
  6. Your voice!

Clear instructions are as follows:

  1. Try to be somewhere quiet to record, or you will get background noise on your recording
  2. Set up a camera to record your video in landscape and hit 'RECORD'
  3. Play music through your headphones and sing your heart out (we should only be able to hear your voice on the recording, NOT the track as well)
  4. Sing the whole song from the very first solo to the last note sung – enjoy yourself and smile!
  5. Send your recording to by Wednesday 15th July 2020
  6. Please remember that by sending us your video, you are giving permission for it to go on social media platforms and websites for the various NSAT schools.

We are very excited about this and we do hope that all pupils, staff and possibly their families will join us in bringing something positive to our school community during this time. Maybe one day in the future, this is something that we can look to do in person as a trust of schools.

Big Sing letter - July 2020

Big Sing - Song Lyrics

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