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Subject Definitions


The effective use of communication skills and Performance to portray different characters, situations and themes.


The human condition expressed through movement for symbolic or aesthetic purposes.

Subject Staffing

Head of Department: Mrs Samantha Hastings

Dance and Drama and our CARES Values


We work hard on our courage to enable us to perform practically in front of an audience


We work together to ensure students strive to improve their performances and become the best version of themselves


In Dance and Drama we learn to build up a supportive and encouraging environment to enable us to thrive, this comes from mutual respect


Everyone in Dance and Drama has a voice and is given equal opportunity to express themselves
Self control- We learn how to become responsible for our own learning and to regulate our emotions in order to communicate effectively

KS3 Overview

KS3 (Yr 7, 8 & 9) – Curriculum Content

Drama Vision

Through Drama we aim to create high level performers who:

  • have a passion for all types of performance
  • will be creative and imaginative
  • show empathy
  • have excellent communication skills
  • be aware of other peoples thoughts and feelings
  • have been exposed to many different styles of performance and issues from all over the world


  • This means our students will be access exam syllabus work and be successful in these.
  • They will have a set of transferable skills.
  • The will learn to power of hard work and determination.

What a dramatist at HHS looks like

  • They have an interest and appreciation for all types of performance.
  • They can perform a wide range of characters showing high levels of technical and performance skills.
  • They are creative and imaginative.

Drama aims

  • All students involved on all tasks.
  • Everyone has a voice.
  • Everyone will be able to communicate ideas.
  • Everyone will be accountable.
  • Everyone will be passionate about performance.
Concepts Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11

Effective communication skills


Scripted work

Devising theatre

Basic skills


Short extracts and one full play

Short pieces, skill based

Skills in practice

Theatre in Education

Modern issue based play

Issue based pieces

Extended skills

Stanislavski and Naturalism

Duologues and comedy play

Using Brecht

Applying extended skills

Combined arts

In depth analysis of a play

Devised exam piece

Consolidation of skills

Application of styles

Extracts for examination

Using devising to deepen understanding

KS4 Overview

Course title: AQA GCSE Drama

Course Overview: This is a dynamic course which follows the AQA GCSE Drama syllabus. Students will develop not only their acting and performance technique but will gain confidence and life skills. Students will work as a whole group, small groups and as individuals.

Key Areas of Study:           

  • Acting techniques
  • Live theatre
  • Styles of theatre
  • Theatre history
  • Set texts
  • Multiple performance opportunities


  • External Written Exam: Understanding Drama (40%).
  • Internal Practical Performance Exam: Devising Drama (40%).
  • External Practical Performance Exam: Texts in Practice (20%) 

Course Length: 2 Years

Progression to: A Level Drama and Theatre Studies

Extra-Curricular Activities: Annual school production

Trips: Theatre visits at least one per term


  • Drama studio
  • Dance studio
  • Theatre

KS5 Overview

Course title: Cambridge Technical Introductory Diploma in Performing Arts

Course Overview: This exciting course covers all aspects of performing arts. We specialise in dance but all areas of performance skills will be covered. Student will perform at least once every term.

Key Areas Of Study:

  • Tap, modern and classical ballet technique
  • The performing arts business
  • How to put on a performance
  • A range of styles of theatre
  • Musical theatre history


  • Unit 1 - Portfolio
  • Unit 2 - Portfolio
  • Unit 3 - Portfolio of performance planning
  • Unit 4 - Portfolio
  • Unit 17 - Performance of Musical Theatre piece
  • Unit 37 - Performance of Dance piece

Course Length: 2 years

Progression to: Higher Education in Performing Arts related courses

Extra-Curricular Activities: Annual school production

Trips: Theatre visits at least one per term


  • Drama studio
  • Dance studio
  • Theatre

Dance Vision

Through Dance we aim to create confident performers who:

  • have an appreciation for all types of theatre,
  • can communicate well
  • can work as a team
  • has accountability
  • knows how to stay fit and well
  • have been exposed to a wide range of cultures in order to understand the world around us.


Dance is a universal art form that has been used for thousands of years to communicate ideas, stay fit, for enjoyment, and to build community spirit. We aim to show how this is still relevant today and hope to inspire the next generation of creative minds.

What a dancer at HHS looks like

  • They have a desire and passion for performance. They want to improve.
  • They will be confident.

Dance aims

  • To be all inclusive.
  • Have an ethic of hard work and perseverance.
  • To promote self belief and creativity.
  • To build strong relationships.
Concepts Year 7 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11

Technical dance skills

Performance skills


Dance History

Intro to dance skills

Intro to choreography

Intro to different styles

Links to styles studied

Mastery of basic skills

One set performance with two routines

Musical Theatre styles

Dance on film

Extended skills

Two set performances with two routines

Ballroom and modern styles

Development of dance

Mastery of extended skills

Two set performances with ownership of routines

Contemporary, Broadway and Fosse

Musical Theatre development

Enhanced Provision

Every student in the school has the opportunity to take part in two school productions each year. One Large scale Musical Theatre production and one Drama performance. No experience is necessary to be involved. Rehearsals take place after school.

Students will build up their confidence, have lots of fun and be part of a team that can lead to life long friendships.

Previous School Productions include – Beauty and The Beast, Oliver!, We Will Rock You, Hamlet, The Tempest, and many of our own variety performances.

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