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Our ICT department aims to develop the skills of our students so they can use ICT effectively and safely in all areas of their learning. We will encourage students to achieve their full potential and recognise routes for specialising in ICT as they progress. As the use of technology increases in all aspects of society creative, productive and confident use of ICT is an essential skill that students require for society today.


  • Mrs K Naylor (Head of ICT/ Business)
  • Mr M Hazel (Second in Department)

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Key Stage 3

Course title: Computing @Key Stage 3

Course Overview: The Key Stage 3 Computing curriculum is divided into 4 strands: programming, IT, Computer science and Staying Safe online

Key Areas Of Study:

  • Programming: Students learn how to use four programming languages: two of them text-based (written) and two of them visual (drag-and-drop). Students learn how to use each language to build algorithms and modules to solve problems. Obviously it is easier to solve smaller problems than it is to solve big problems! Students will learn how to split big problems into smaller, easier ones, then put the smaller algorithms together to solve the big problems.
  • Information Technology: using data that form "computational abstractions" from real life, including qualitative data such as bird numbers in the UK and sports data, and qualitative data such as people´s opinions of their own country compared to others. You will learn how to organise and analyse the data and draw conclusions, then apply this in creating a system to hold your own data.
  • Computer Science: you will learn how computers store text and images as data, and how computers sort and search through that data. You will understand how computers work on the inside.
  • Staying Safe Online: you will learn the key rules to using online technology safely, respectfully, responsibly, ethically and securely.

Assessment: None

Course Length: 2 years

Progression to: Progress to BTEC Information & Creative Technology

Extra-Curricular Activities:

  • Robot club
  • Catch up when required

Key Stage 4

Course title: BTEC Level 2 First Award in Information & Creative Technology

Course Overview: The course units are split over a three-year period. New skills are developed in graphics and animation.

Key Areas Of Study: Units of work studied are:

  • Unit 1: The Online World (external exam)

In this unit students investigate online services and online communication, investigating components of the internet and how digital devices exchange and store information and investigate issues with operating online

  • Unit 3: A Digital Portfolio (internally assessed)

In this unit students will design a digital portfolio then create and test a digital portfolio followed by a review the digital portfolio.

  • Unit 4: Creating a Digital Animation (internally assessed)

In this unit students learn the applications and features of digital animation products. Designing a digital animation product which the student will create and test. Students also review a digital animation product.

  • Unit 6: Creating Digital graphics (internally assessed)

In this unit students learn the applications and features of digital graphic products. Design a range of digital graphic products then create, test and review digital graphic products


  • 1 external online exam
  • 3 units of coursework

Course Length: 3 years

Progression to: Continue on to Level 3 courses

Extra-Curricular Activities: Catch up when required

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