SENCO, Achievement Leader, Specialist Leader in Education, SLT Mrs. Sue Wilkinson
Admin Assistant Inclusion
Higher Level Teaching Assistant Mrs. Wendy Marks
Advanced Teaching Assistant Mrs. Sue Darling
Mrs. Linda Hall
Mrs. Karen Head
General Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Joyce Ledden
Mrs. Nicola Lee

Mr Paul Mead

Miss Angela Patterson

Miss Helen Allan

Miss G Smith

About Inclusion

Harrogate High has an excellent personalised learning area that is open to all students at any given time for intervention to be delivered. We offer a range of clubs that are extremely popular, including: breakfast club 7.30-8.15am, break club, lunch club, homework club, Art and Craft after school club and extra literacy support is also available afterschool.

The Achievement Team Leader, who is a Specialist Leader in Education for SEN, works closely with the feeder primary schools and meets with the students and parents of those who may need extra support following their transition to secondary school.

Breakfast Club

The Inclusion department runs a Breakfast Club for all students from 7.30- 8.15a.m. in the L9 club room, where they are given a range of different breakfasts throughout the week as well as activities to do.

Break time Club

Every day at break time there is a break club available in the L9 club room. This is available to all students who are supported by a teaching assistant.

Lunch Club

There is a lunch club available to all students every day in the L9 club room. There is a teaching assistant at hand to interact with the students and build on their social skills. Games, dvd´s and homework help is offered during every session.

Homework Club

Homework Club is available to all students every afternoon after school from 2.30-3.30p.m. in the Learning Resource Centre. Members of staff from different departments attend on different nights to offer help and support as well as three members of the support staff.

 Phonics Programme

The Inclusion department offer a synthetic phonics course for students who need extra literacy support.  Key stage 3 students have a personalised programme tailored to their needs by an advanced teaching assistant which include literacy games and the Lexia interactive programme. 

Travel Training

One of the teaching assistants has been on a credited course to teach SEN pupils how to become independent on public transport. Student´s independence skills are slowly built up from walking to a shop to eventually taking a trip on a bus and train. The aim of the programme is to teach students how to get to school without assistance from a local authority taxi and how to use transport in their own time safely.

Dyslexia Screening

One of the teaching assistants screens students for dyslexic traits. If any traits are identified intervention is put into place from one of the literacy programmes. Parents are informed of the findings as well as strategies that are sent to all the students teaching staff.  Overlays are also provided if students find them useful.

Access Arrangement Screening

All students take the Lucid Exact test which is a one hour electronic assessment that gives details about each students literacy skills as well as their processing skills. If their score is lower than average they may be entitled to special exam arrangement including extra time or a reader. We also use the Wrat 4 test as further evidence if a student scores significantly lower than average. 

Emotional Literacy Group

An advanced teaching assistant runs this group for students who suffer from social exclusion and/or need help to deal with their emotions. It takes place every week for 1 hour after school in the Learning Zone where the students can learn skills to open up and confront their feelings as well as be able to build trusting friendships. 

KS2 Transition Programme

Every year in the summer term, we offer a transition programme for vulnerable students to familiarise themselves with the school and staff. This runs for 3 weeks with students attending one morning a week. The Inclusion staff run the programme as well as collect and return students to their primary schools. The Key Stage 3 Lead Learning Manager is involved in the programme as all primary schools are visited prior to this intervention by themselves and the SENCO. The Achievement Team Leader/SENCO visits the SEN/vulnerable students who are identified by the primary school SENCO to plan for any intervention they may need once they start HHS.


Harrogate High School is fortunate to have a range of ex-professionals that come into school on a Friday morning to mentor students on a one to one basis. Students can request a mentor to help with academic and/or career progression as well as other issues they may want advice on. An advanced teaching assistant manages this programme.

Reading intervention

The Reading Intervention Programme is offered to those students who need an extra boost with their reading skills. The Programme is aimed at Key Stage 3 students in years 7 and 8 and is run in the Learning Zone. It is a twelve week course that students attend three times a week and on average the majority of students improve their reading age by at least 2 years during that time.

English as an Additional Language support

Students who attend Harrogate High School and who do not have English as their first language are closely monitored and supported by the Inclusion department. Students are given extra time in the Learning Zone to work on improving their English skills as well as being supported in lessons. Speaking and listening sessions are offered on a weekly basis which includes walking around the school recognising areas and equipment and learning the vocabulary.  All students who have English as an additional language are monitored through Raising Stars and resources and equipment are provided as necessary including dictionaries.

Local Offer

The Local Offer from North Yorkshire can be found by clicking this Link: 

Please see the download below for information of what your child will receive from Harrogate High School if they have Special Educational Needs.

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Special Educational Needs (SEN) and English as an Additional Language (EAL) Prospectus

Information on what your child can expect from Harrogate High School if they have Special Educational Needs (SEN) or English as an additional language (EAL).

EAL and SEN Prospectus >

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