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Curriculum Intent

Students will have the opportunity to participate in over 20 different physical activities which include team, individual and alternative sports. They will develop confidence and competence to excel in a sport of their choice. Students will have a range of opportunities in and out of their PE lessons to represent Harrogate High School and take part in a wide range of physical activities as part of the enrichment programme. Students will know what it is to be ‘EPIC’ in PE (Enthusiastic, Proactive, Inquisitive, Competitive) and will be trying to achieve 60 active minutes each day to improve their physical, mental and social health. Students will also be able to use sport specific vocabulary to communicate effectively and everyone will have had the opportunity to develop their leadership skills through their lessons or as part of the leadership academy for Primary Schools as part of the Harrogate Sports Partnership.

Subject Definition

The exploration of a broad range of activities and sports that benefit health, fitness, and wellbeing.  

How Physical Education Links to our CARES Values

Within PE lessons at Harrogate High School, we ensure that students are able to demonstrate all the CARES values.

Students will show courage when trying a wide variety of activities, some of which they may have never experienced before. They will also be expected to show courage when placed into competitive situations.

Students will demonstrate aspiration when working towards or aiming to surpass their target grades, particularly when working towards their exam in BTEC sport.

Respect is at the heart of PE and our students will be expected to demonstrate respect for their team mates and also their opposition in all sports that they will take part in.

PE lessons are fully inclusive at Harrogate High School and all students will experience the same sports and activities.
Students will be expected to demonstrate self control in all PE lessons, through graciously accepting a win or a loss. Students will be exposed to a competitive environment where they will learn to manage the emotions of winning and losing and respect the officials and other competitors by showing sportsmanship.

How Physical Education Links to British Values

Within PE lessons at Harrogate High School, students will be expected to demonstrate mutual respect. Students will respect their teammates and will expect the same respect back. Through the competitive environment that students will be exposed to in PE lessons, students will learn to respect officials decisions.

Subject Staffing

KS3 Head of PE - Miss J Norman
Specialisms: netball, tchoukball, dance, vaulting, tag rugby and basketball

KS4 Head of PE - Mrs E Wilson
Specialisms: gymnastics, trampolining, dance & netball

PE Teacher - Mr P Cutler
Specialisms: football, rugby, basketball, boxercise and fitness 

PE Teacher - Mr J Harvey
Specialisms: cricket, football, badminton, dodgeball & fitness 

PE Teacher - Mr L Wilson
Specialisms: Badminton, Basketball & Fitness

PE Teacher - Mr M DIxon
Specialisms: Cricket, Football, Rugby Union and Softball

Key Stage 3 Overview - 3 Years

KS3 (Yr 7, 8 & 9) – Curriculum Content

Year 7

Personal Development

Students will build a connection with PE, through looking at the ‘Values of PE’ topic. Students will understand the important part it plays in their life now and in the future. ‘Resilience’, Self-Worth' and ‘Interpersonal Skills’ topics will also provide students with knowledge and tools to prepare them for life. The physical activities and sports that will be covered are the following (order of delivery is subject to change).

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6


Movement to music






Tag Rugby

Fitness- intro






Year 8

Health & Wellbeing

Students will gain and understanding of the key terms related to ‘Mental, Physical and Social Health’. Students will also understand the positive connection between PE and these aspects of health whilst gaining tools for maintaining them. A ‘Diet and Nutrition’ topic will also enable students to make informed decisions about what they consume and the impact it might have on their PE lessons, academic performance and long- term health. The physical activities and sports that will be covered are the following (order of delivery is subject to change).

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6


Movement to     music

Leadership in sport


Table Tennis




Fitness Training





Year 9

Leadership Skills

Students will experience the true power of sport and physical activity when it comes to developing their leadership skills. ‘Attitudes and Behaviours of a Leader’, Effective Teams’, and the ‘Power of Positivity’ will support students to understand their own leadership qualities and experience what makes and effective leader. The physical activities and sports that will be covered are the following (order of delivery is subject to change).

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6

Badminton or Table Tennis

Netball or Basketball

Tag Rugby or Rugby Union

Hockey or Football

Tennis or Athletics

Rounders or Softball

Ultimate Frisbee

Trampolining & Vaulting

Boxercise & Circuits

Indoor Cricket




Students at the start of Year 9 get the option to pick Dance instead of Core PE and will do this for 3 years.

Key Stage 4 Overview - 2 Years

Course title: Level 1 and 2 BTEC TECH Award in Sport, activity and fitness.

Course Overview: This is a 3 year course where they complete 3 components

Key Areas Of Study:

  • Component 1- Understand the body and the supporting technology for sport and activity
  • Components 2 - principles of training nutrition and psychology for sport and activity
  • Component 3 - applying the principles of sport and activity

Assessment: Two assignments and one external assessment (90 minute written exam)

Course Length: 2 years

Progression to: Level 3 BTEC in sport

Extra-Curricular Activities

Enrichment after school is available to everyone four nights a week in a wide range of sports. Students receive positive points on Classcharts for attending and helps students improve their physical, mental and social wellbeing. Students must wear PE kit and trainers to attend and bring a water bottle to stay hydrated. There are a number of competitions that we enter every year in which students have the opportunity to represent Harrogate High. These include football, netball, badminton, dodgeball, athletics, rounders, cricket (indoor and outdoor), indoor rowing and athletics.

As a BTEC student, we would expect the students to represent the school in at least one sport.

Facilities: Sports hall, fitness suite, tennis courts, astroturf, dance studio, extensive field space

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FA Girls' Football Hub

In the summer of 2020 Harrogate High in conjunction with the Harrogate Sports Partnership, won the bid to become North Yorkshire Girls’ Football Hub. We will be leading on the following areas to improve the provision and opportunity for all girls’ to take part in football in a variety of ways. The main aims are:

  • Increase the number of girls’ participating and enjoying football
  • Developing leadership opportunities through football
  • Supporting girls’ to transition into community football opportunities

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