Shaping My Future

Shaping My Future: preparing all students for the world of work

Shaping My Future (SMF) is the school’s umbrella programme of careers education information and guidance (CEIAG). The Government’s Careers Strategy has been developed and builds upon the research undertaken by the Gatsby Foundation. The SMF programme is based around the eight ‘Gatsby Benchmarks’ of good career guidance. It is delivered across all year groups with specifically focused lessons on a weekly basis for years 12 and 13. We are passionate about our programme and the aim of our work is to build students’ confidence, aspirations, life skills and prepare them for the world of work.

You can see a summary of our careers provision below, please note that most year groups will undertake two careers based projects throughout the year.  The specific topics for each project are selected by individual departments and are driven by topical issues, therefore, are not included below.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish for further information.


Key terms

You will find an overview of key terms in the table below, these should be helpful to learn more about different the aspects of our programme.

Key terms


Careers Coordinator 

The member of staff who coordinates the day to day careers provision.

CEIAG (Careers education information and Guidance)

The aim of CEAIG is to help students to identify their careers path and provide information to make informed decisions about their future. 

Careers Guidance

Services intended to assist students at any age and at any point throughout their lives, to make educational, training and occupational decisions and to manage their careers.

Career Leader

(Mr L Wilson)

The Careers Leaders has responsibility for the delivery of the school’s careers programme and they ensure, among other things, that:

-           The school has a good careers programme that meets the expectations set out in the Gatsby Benchmarks.

-          The school has published on its website details of its careers programme and arrangements for providers of technical education or apprenticeships to talk to students.

The destinations of young people from the school are tracked and that this information is used to improve the effectiveness of the school’s careers programme.

Enterprise Advisor

The Enterprise Advisers use their knowledge of the local business landscape to support the headteacher and/or careers team to develop an effective careers plan and to create opportunities with their business contacts in the area for their school or college’s students.

Uni Connect Higher York ( National Collaborative Outreach Project Higher York)

Their work is focused on local areas where higher education participation is lower than might be expected given the GCSE results of the young people who live there.

Shaping My Future  (SMF)

Shaping My Future is Harrogate High School’s programme to develop and prepare young people for the world of work.

York  University Shine Programme

Shine is open to students in Year 6 to 11 who have been identified by the school as being high achieving and are from a group that is currently under-represented at university. It aims to inspire, motivate and encourage students to achieve academic success and raise their aspirations towards higher education.

Post 16

This refers to educational options available to students at the end of year 11 studies.

Post 18

This refers to educational and employment opportunities available to students at the end of their 6th form studies.


In the Vertical Mentor Programme (tutor time) students work in vertical groups where they cover aspects of the PSHEE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education) curriculum, along with careers provision.


Activities where students develop knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

Stepping Stones


Futures meeting


 Our work in partnership with the Careers & Enterprise Company

We also work closely with Louise Lunn (Lead Enterprise Coordinator) and our Enterprise Advisor from the Careers Enterprise Company.  As a school, we are acutely aware that the job market is changing and a significant proportion of employment opportunities now come from small and medium-size businesses.  In addition to this, we believe that a number of our students will leave us and will embark on careers, industries and technologies that do not yet exist.   Our work with Louise seeks to engage our students in projects that inspire, motivate and immerse them in a wide range of experiences in the workplace.   This is essential as we understand the importance of creating meaningful encounters within the world of work.

Our work with our Enterprise Advisor develops this work further and our partnerships have three main aims:

  1. Inspire and prepare young people for the world of work
  2. Build relationships with local employers to take part in the school careers activities
  3. Offer a strategic direction to support the careers team to develop an effective careers strategy
  4. Ensure that students understand the local labour market opportunities and training on their door steps.

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