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Subject Teacher Meetings

Subject teacher meetings can be booked for the allotted times during the two week period from week beginning 03/07/20.  This is an opportunity to engage with the teacher to investigate progress made with online learning and seek subject-specific feedback from the teacher. The times of the meetings will need to be arranged according to the teacher's availability, as outlined in the table below.

Please follow the flow chart in order to arrange a Microsoft Teams Call with the subject teacher at a mutually agreeable time.

Flow chart

      Availability Wk Beg 06/07 Availability Wk Beg 13/07
Subject Department Teacher Name Teacher Email Address Date avaliable Time avaliable Date avaliable Time avaliable
Art Mrs A STEWART 07/07/2020 6pm 15/07/2020 6pm 
Design & Technology Miss L REED 06/07/2020 3pm 13/07/2020 3pm
Design & Technology Mrs R LANCASTER 09/07/2020 6pm 13/07/2020 6pm 
Drama Mrs S HASTINGS 06/07/2020 6pm 13/07/2020 6pm 
English Mr A HAYES 06/07/2020 5pm 13/07/2020 5pm 
English Mr C MOWAT 09/07/2020 6pm 15/07/2020 5pm
English Mr J COLEMAN 07/07/2020 5pm 15/07/2020 5pm 
English Mrs S TABOR 09/07/2020 6pm 16/07/2020 6pm
English Ms C BRADBURY 06/07/2020 4pm 13/07/2020 4pm
English Ms K BRIDGETT 08/07/2020 6pm 15/07/2020 6pm
Geography Mr J COLEMAN 07/07/2020 5pm 15/07/2020 5pm 
Geography Mr P CUTLER 06/07/2020 4pm 13/07/2020 4pm
Geography Mrs F RHODES 09/07/2020 4pm 13/07/2020 4pm
H&SC Mr R WILSON 07/07/2020 5pm 15/07/2020 5pm 
H&SC Mrs A SOUTHERN 06/07/2020 5pm 01/07/2020 5pm 
H&SC Ms R SANDERSON 07/07/2020 5pm 15/07/2020 5pm 
History Miss E BEVAN 06/07/2020 5pm 15/07/2020 9am
History Miss G POTTS 06/07/2020 9am 13/07/2020 9am
History Mr J COLEMAN 07/07/2020 5pm 15/07/2020 5pm 
ICT/Business Mr L WILSON 07/07/2020 4pm 14/07/2020 4pm
ICT/Business Mr M HAZEL 07/07/2020 3pm 13/07/2020 3pm
Maths Miss T HIGGINS 06/07/2020 5pm 15/07/2020 5pm 
Maths Mr D NOLAND 06/07/2020 5pm 15/07/2020 4pm
Maths Mr N COX 09/07/2020 6pm 14/07/2020 5pm
Maths Mrs J ANDERSON 06/07/2020 3pm 13/07/2020 10am
MFL Mr S COX 09/07/2020 6pm 14/07/2020 6pm 
MFL Mrs A MCKERNAN 09/07/2020 6pm 14/07/2020 6pm
Music Mrs A SOUTHERN 09/07/2020 6pm 16/07/2020 6pm
PE Mr J HARVEY 06/07/2020 5pm 15/07/2020 4pm
PE Mr L WILSON 07/07/2020 4pm 14/07/2020 4pm
PE Mr R WILSON 07/07/2020 5pm 15/07/2020 5pm 
PE Mrs E WILSON 09/07/2020 6pm 16/07/2020 6pm
PE Mrs J NORMAN 08/07/2020 3pm 16/07/2020 4pm
PE Mrs S HASTINGS 09/07/2020 6pm 16/07/2020 6pm
Psychology Ms R SANDERSON 09/07/2020 5pm 14/07/2020 5pm 
RE Miss K WILSON 06/07/2020 9am 13/07/2020 9am
Science Miss A CONDON 06/07/2020 4pm 13/07/2020 4pm
Science Miss E DOBSON 09/07/2020 4pm 16/07/2020 4pm
Science Mr J COLEMAN 07/07/2020 5pm 15/07/2020 5pm 
Science Mr S LEWIS 09/07/2020 5pm 15/07/2020 5pm 
Science Mrs J MASON 07/07/2020 5pm 14/07/2020 5pm
Science Mrs J ANDERSON 09/07/2020 6pm 16/07/2020 6pm
Science Mrs K PATEL 07/07/2020 10am 14/07/2020 5pm 
Science Mrs K WILSON 08/07/2020 5pm 14/07/2020 4pm
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