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Wellbeing Wednesday

24 March 2021


With half-term approaching, there is time to pause and reflect on how well you are looking after your wellbeing. As a family, consider how you could engage with the following tips for wellbeing: 

  1. Connect with other people – is there a friend or family member you could get in contact with?
  2. Be physically active – do you get outside every day?
  3. Learn something new – could you learn a new skill?
  4. Give time to others – how could you share your time?
  5. Check your sleep patterns – do you have a regular bedtime and wake up time?
  6. Are you drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day? 

Remember if you need any support through half-term there are lots of sources that you can use for support – have a look at the numbers, websites and apps below for support if you need. 


Where can I go for support if I need it?

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