Academic Knowledge-rich Curriculum 

The second tenant of the HHS curriculum, Academic knowledge-rich curriculum is delivered in subject departments.  Where specialist teachers with strong subject knowledge and extensive knowledge of how to teach their specialist area work to maximise student progress. 

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For learners to truly understand the importance of each subject discipline, the nature and why they are learning it, we have attempted to capture the essence of the subject through our subject definitions.  It is our aim that all students will be able to articulate the ‘why’ through an explanation based on these definitions.

We believe our subject disciplines are:


English Language

The forging of the linguistic keys that will unlock the whole curriculum and a life of learning.

English Literature

The exploration of the human condition through the study of literary texts.


The use of rigour and reason to solve problems grounded in numeracy, algebra and geometry.


An area of study that deals with the natural world and attempts to explain through the application of rational thought and empirical evidence.


The examination of all living organisms and their interdependence upon each other.


An analysis of the material world from atomic building blocks to universal bodies


An explanation of the behaviours of non-living phenomena experienced in our daily lives


The study of the phenomenon of society over time, and how people and societies behave through varied sources.


The understanding of the complex relationship between humans and the physical earth, so that both can thrive.


The study of religion, religious and non-religious world views as well as their influence on the individual and society.


The study of communicating with precision through reading, writing, listening and speaking in other languages.


A critical and creative exploration of a visual language that communicates to all.


The development of our creativity through performance and composition.


The exploration of a broad range of activities and sports that benefit health, fitness, and wellbeing.


The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry for the benefit of society.

Social Science

The examination of the relationships between individuals and societies, as well as the development and operation of societies.

CARES Curriculum

The practice and development of the virtues, habits and emotional intelligence that will enable students to cultivate ethical intuition.

AP & Inclusion

The adaptation of provision so that academic and personal success for all is a non-negotiable.

Each subject discipline has generated and devised the following to ensure rigour and academic richness: 

  • Curriculum Subject Intent* – The identification of the nature of a subject, and the rationale for the design, scope, and sequencing of selected content, skills and concepts in that subject’s curriculum.
  • Curriculum Y7-Y11 Map* – A term-by-term breakdown of content, skills and concepts covered in a subject’s curriculum.
    • Curriculum Content – An outline of ‘what’ is taught in the subject’s curriculum.
    • Curriculum Skills – An outline of the domain-centric skills and disciplinary thinking in the subject’s curriculum.
    • Curriculum Threshold Concepts – An outline of the powerful, transformative concepts that alter pupils’ thinking on a subject.

*Both of which will be published on the Harrogate High School website and reviewed on a yearly basis.

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