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School Medical Room Nurse

During school hours 09.00-14.30

Our Medical Room Nurse provides first aid to students, staff and visitors ensuring compliance with Health and Safety legislation and Academy Policies and treatment for minor illnesses within school. Other roles and responsibilities include health and well-being support and implementing Health Care Plans for students with complex health needs and reviewing these as needed. 

In accordance with our policies, the service the Medical Room Nurse provides is intended to treat injury and illness that occurs during the school day and is not an alternative to seeing your GP, calling 111 or going to A+E. Any injuries occurring outside of school, will not be assessed in school and advised as above. 

We would encourage self-care relating to minor illnesses etc prior to the school day and paracetamol doses will only be given as a last resort prior to sending home.

School encourages any prescribed medications to be taken outside the school day, but if this is not possible please send the medication into school in the original box accompanied by a completed MM1 form (appendix 1) which can be found attached to our Medicines and First Aid Policy. Any non-prescribed medications relating to a healthcare plan, please complete form MM2 (appendix 2). 

We have a large number of staff in school who are trained in Emergency First Aid at Work but they are not qualified medical practitioners. We encourage visits to the School Nurse/first aider to be kept to a minimum and any students who present too unwell to remain in school then Parent/Carers will be contacted and asked to collect to be taken home. 

Please refer to our Medicines and First Aid Policy for further reading >

School Nursing Team

The School nursing Team service is provided for us by the NHS. 

The school Nursing Team (Healthy Child Team) visit the school when required to provide confidential health advice and one to one work with our pupils, following referral. 

The Healthy Child Team promotes and protects the health and wellbeing of all children and young people aged 5-19, empowering and enabling them to make informed decisions about their health and supporting them to transition safely and happily into adult life. 

Parents can self-refer to their service by calling 01609 780 780 or by completing a self-referral form, link below:

Self-referral form

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