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Literacy Phase 4

HHS continues its drive to improve whole school literacy with the implementation of the Literacy Phase 4 initiative.  This builds on the success of our three previous Literacy Phases and the initial focus is on a vocabulary challenge. All classrooms display 25 words and the challenge is for both staff and students to incorporate these into lessons and written work.  The etymology of words will also be discussed.  Our Literacy Leaders will be feeding back on the success of this challenge and members of the English department are also hosting assemblies during the last week of this half term with a literacy focus.  Our VMG programme for this coming week is also literacy based, culminating in a creative writing challenge, using the Breughel painting of the Fall of Icarus as a prompt, which will be judged straight after the half term holiday.


Literacy Phase 4 vocabulary

Literacy Phase 4 Vocabulary Script



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