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A curious student who is committed to getting the most out of all learning opportunities available.

  • Enthusiastically takes responsibility for their learning and progress

  • Actively participates in the lesson at all times, and is a fully engaged and curious learner

  • Actively seeks feedback on how to improve the quality of their work and routinely acts upon this

  • Shows great resilience and perseveres with all challenges, and learns from mistakes as a result

  • Manages their time and work efficiently and is highly disciplined


A responsible and hardworking student, who always tries their best.

  • Takes responsibility for their learning and progress
  • Shows a good interest in their learning and is attentive and focused, wanting to expand their knowledge
  • Responds to feedback and targets and completes work to the expected standard
  • With encouragement, shows resilience and is willing to persevere when things are difficult, recognising they can learn from mistakes
  • Takes responsibility for their work and is well organised


A student who generally meets requirements but could make more of the opportunities available to develop as a learner.

  • Responds to the teacher’s interest in their own progress and learning
  • Occasionally participates in lessons and is generally focused, showing willingness to engage with their learning
  • May not try hard enough to improve their work after feedback
  • Is occasionally resilient when challenges become difficult, asking questions to learn
  • Is occasionally well organised but does the minimum that is asked of them


A student who is not currently meeting the requirements of a committed learner, and needs to:

  • Display more interest in learning and making progress
  • Act on the feedback provided
  • Embrace challenges and become curious in their learning
  • Spend more time on tasks and take more pride in work
  • Take more responsibility for their work and be better organised


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