HHS Curriculum Intent

“No bird soars too high, if they soar with their own wings.”
William Blake, 17891

We believe in the power of a knowledge-rich curriculum, and in the potential of our pupils. Every child deserves equity of opportunity, challenge and access, and we are compelled to provide the very best for our pupils. We, at HHS, will provide an excellent academic experience for our pupils. Our curriculum enables pupils to take personal responsibility and seize their opportunities. 

Our Curriculum Intent

  • To equip our students with a responsive and ambitious, knowledge-rich curriculum that empowers young people to have the currency of choice for their futures. We want students to face challenges within school and in their wider life with courage, aspiration, respect, an appreciation of equality and self-control.
  • Our curriculum acknowledges the importance of building students’ cultural capital and curiosity, building an awareness of the world beyond their frame of reference. Our bespoke provision develops necessary attributes to become community leaders of the future.
  • Key aims for improving our curriculum offer and experience include ensuring that all students have equity of experience and opportunity to access the aspirational curriculum.

Our Curriculum works in relationship with Teaching & Learning, and Assessment. The relationship is cyclical, and illustrated below:

02_HHS Curriculum Intent-1

Nature of Harrogate High School’s Curriculum

Harrogate High School’s Curriculum focuses on four facets of learning and development.

02_HHS Curriculum Intent-2

For our pupils to seize the potential that lies inside each of them, we know that we must educate with powerful knowledge which transforms and enlightens. This powerful knowledge, when coupled with developing expertise of domain-centric skills and the mastery of learning dispositions through explicit, excellent teaching, will help to propel our pupils forward in their learning journey.  Our integration of CARES values into all of our curriculum will ensure that our pupils receive an excellent education that is broad enough to include development of their character.

The curriculum also seeks to promote and encourage holistic health, so that our pupils are knowledgeable, skilled, and values-driven, but also happy, content, and healthy.

1Blake, W. (1789). ‘Proverbs of Hell’. The Marriage of Heaven and Hell. London: Oxford University Press  


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