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Belief in What We Do 

At Harrogate High School (HHS) we believe in putting ‘Learning first….’, this is central to shaping our vision of our learning community 

Our Vision 

We aim to create: 

  • Successful learners who enjoy learning, make good progress and have high aspirations.
  • Confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilled lives
  • Responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to their local community and society at large.

Our Mission 

All our pupils will fulfil their unique academic and personal potential. Every pupil will live according to the HHS CARES values and go on to university or follow the rewarding career of their choice.  

Our guiding principles to achieve our mission are: 

  1. Good student progress over 5/7 years for all learners
  2. Closing the gap and accelerating progress for our most vulnerable learners
  3. There should be depth before breadth. Maximise learning time in all subjects
  4. A CARES curriculum that develops Life@HHS and CARES values, SMSC, British Values, PSHCE (inc. promoting positive health and wellbeing) and aspirations to prepare learners for modern Britain. 

It is important that the curriculum is organised, so it provides students with the opportunity to learn expected behaviours and model the CARES values. 

Our CARES Values 

At HHS, our values will be strongly held and central in all that we do. Our school aim reminds us that it is by living according to our values that we can lead fulfilling lives and strengthen our community. 


HHS values are: 

C - Courage
A - Aspiration
R - Respect
E - Equality
S - Self-control 

Our values will be talked about at every opportunity and will be the basis of the character behaviours that we expect our pupils to show. Our pupils will show courage and be ready to take the opportunities life presents.  Our pupils will be aspirational, aiming high and knowing that high expectations and hard work pay off. Our pupils will be respectful in word and deeds. Our pupils will model equality, recognising that all are worthy of equal opportunity.  Our pupils will have self-control, working hard and navigating obstacles in their way whilst maintaining a positive growth mindset. 

Our school aims also express our belief that each of our pupils is born with an unique potential for greatness, for which they can take responsibility to achieve. In addition to our CARES, we will teach our pupils that it is through taking responsibility that they can apply all they have learned to build a fulfilling life and have positive impact on their community and the world around them.

We want students to face and conquer challenges within school and in their wider life with our CARES values as tools for life.


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