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The work experience programme at Harrogate High School is designed for Year 10 students; it is not compulsory but highly recommended for students to undertake.  We run a number of different information sessions for students and parents to ensure we offer the very best possible support and guidance.

There are a huge number of benefits for students to undertake work experience; not only can they develop their employability and technical skills within a specific subject area of interest, but they will also gain first-hand industry experience. By going on work experience, students can begin to build professional networks, which will only strengthen future career prospects and applications.  Work experience often enables students to rule out careers they are not interested in along with confirming the areas they are most passionate about- this can be a life-changing experience.

We recommend that students have at least one week of meaningful and relevant work experience during their time at Harrogate High School.  To ensure students benefit from every aspect of this experience we expect that students source their own placements and maintain ongoing contact with the employer in the run-up to and after the placement.  If students are struggling with an aspect of this, we will offer support.

Here are some suggested websites that can help students find work experience placement.

3 Work Finder:     
5 S4S Next Gen:
4 LinkedIn:

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