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Curriculum Intent

Our enterprise curriculum aims to build and develop students´ knowledge of the business world. Students will gain knowledge to understand the economic climate and system in which they live and work. We will equip them with the skills, knowledge and informed attitudes that will help them to be active members of their community.

Subject Definition

The development of entrepreneurial skills and exploration of the world of business.

How Business Links to our CARES Values

In Unit 1 students study two businesses in detail, reflecting on the characteristics of entrepreneurs and their skills for success. They must describe how entrepreneurs show focus, passion, motivation dedication, innovation, courage, flexibility, adaptability, resilience and have a clear vision for their business. This has strong links to the Harrogate High School CARES values.

In Unit 2 students need to plan and pitch a micro-business activity. In order to do this they must reflect on their personal skills and attributes linked to the CARES values (Courage, Aspiration, Respect, Equality and Self-control).

How Business Links to British Values and the Prevent Duty

Within the BTEC Enterprise course students learn about democracy and the rule of law. In particular, they develop an in depth understanding of the laws governing advertising and finance.

Subject Staffing

Miss C Thrush

Key Stage 4 Overview - 2 Years

Year 10

Unit 1: Exploring Enterprises - You will examine different enterprises to develop your knowledge and understanding of the characteristics and skills needed by entrepreneurs.
Unit 2: Planning for and Pitching an Enterprise Activity - You will select an enterprise idea to plan and pitch for. You will develop your skills in operating and reviewing the success of the enterprise.

Year 11

Unit 3: Promotion and Finance for Enterprise. You will explore different promotional methods used by enterprise and factors that influence how enterprises identify with their target market. Financial documents will be explored to monitor and improve performance of an enterprise in order to make decisions and recommend strategies for their success.   

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