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“One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.”

Curriculum Intent

Our aim is to inspire students and to foster a curiosity for learning a modern foreign language. We want to deepen students’ understanding of the world in order that they become global citizens who have the knowledge and confidence to communicate with others.

We want students to be able to:

  • understand and communicate confidently in a modern foreign language
  • demonstrates a solid grasp of vocabulary, structures and grammar
  • have an awareness and appreciation of other countries, cultures and languages
  • be an adventurous, creative and independent learner

Subject Definition

The study of communicating with precision through reading, writing, listening and speaking in other languages.

How Languages Links to our CARES Values

In MFL we aim to give all students the courage to embrace the world and to aspire to experience as many things as possible in life. We promote respect through empathy with other cultures. We encourage all students to demonstrate self-control by enabling them to understand themselves as motivated and independent learners.

How Languages Links to British Values

People, their relationships and their interactions with others form an important part of what we teach. We give our students an opportunity to both consider the needs and experiences of people of other cultures, and to reflect upon their own response to this.

Subject Staffing

Miss A Costello - Head of MFL
Mrs A Mckernan - Spanish Teacher 
Mr T Woollard - Spanish Teacher 

Key Stage 3 Overview

KS3 (Yr 7, 8 & 9) – Curriculum Content
KS3 Year 7 Unit 1 Curriculum Unit & Lesson Map (MTP)

BY the end of KS3 students should be able to:

  • understand and to respond to familiar material in Listening and Reading in Spanish.
  • communicate clearly in Speaking and Writing in Spanish.
  • apply knowledge of vocabulary to familiar contexts.
  • demonstrate a knowledge of the countries where Spanish is spoken.
  • be organised and motivated in their learning.

The curriculum is taught through topics:

Year 7 – My World (Mira 1)
Year 8 – The Wider World (Mira 2)
Year 9 – Young People (Viva 3)

Key Stage 4 Overview

By the end of KS4 students should be able to:

  • understand and respond to a wide range of material in Listening and Reading.
  • communicate fluently and confidently in Speaking and Writing in Spanish using increasingly complex and accurate language.
  • apply a comprehensive grasp of vocabulary to familiar and unfamiliar contexts.
  • demonstrate a sound knowledge of Spanish speaking countries and be able to make comparisons with the UK including a knowledge of current affairs.
  • be highly motivated, organised and independent in their learning.

The KS4 curriculum is taught though topics using the AQA GCSE Viva coursebook.

The areas of study are:

Theme 1 - Identity and Culture
Theme 2 – Local, national, international and global areas of interest.
Theme 3 – Current and future study and employment

Links to Enhanced Curriculum

Additional sessions after school are available each week to reinforce student learning or to extend and deepen student knowledge.

We partake in educational trips to Spain in order to provide memorable experiences which make the language truly come alive.

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