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Subject Definitions

Biology The examination of all living organisms and their interdependence upon each other.  
Chemistry An analysis of the material world from atomic building blocks to universal bodies.  
Physics An explanation of the behaviours of non-living phenomena experienced in our daily lives.  

Subject Staffing

Assistant Head Teacher and Interim Leader of Science: Mrs J Mason
Leader in Science: Mr C Phillips

Teacher of Science: Mr F Morrisroe
Teacher of Science: Mr M Wood
Teacher of Science: Mr J Curranza-semac
Teacher of Science: Mrs A Wilson (on maternity leave)
Teacher of Science: Mrs J Palmer (on maternity leave)

Deputy Headteacher/ Teacher of Science: Mr J English

Science Tech: Mr J Littlewood
Science Tech: Mr I HIlton

Links to Enhanced Curriculum

Supplementing the Science curriculum, the department offers:

  • KS3 STEM Club
  • KS4 STEM Club
  • Science ESS

Key Stage 3 Overview

KS3 (Yr 7, 8 & 9) – Curriculum Content


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