Welcome to the Mathematics Department

The use of rigour and reason to solve problems grounded in numeracy, algebra and geometry.


“Our vision is to give students an understanding about the big ideas in mathematics, allowing them to be able to mathematically justify and have an ability to apply skills to real life problems that they will encounter in future careers.”

Subject Staffing

Learning Director of Mathematics - Mr L Carne
Teacher of Mathematics: Mr N Cox
Teacher of Mathematics: Ms B Sharpe
Teacher of Mathematics: Mr C Hitchen
Teacher of Mathematics: Mr N Banerjee
Teacher of PE and Mathematics: Mr J Harvey (Head of Year 8 and PE teacher)
Teacher of PE and Mathematics: Mr M Dixon (Assistant Headteacher)

The department aims to ensure that every pupil is educated to a high standard, appropriate to their ability. As a department we have a high expectation of each pupil. Mathematical education involves the development of concepts in spatial awareness, multiplicative reasoning, algebraic understanding and statistical interpretation, and our prime objective is to equip pupils with the necessary skills associated with these.

How does Mathematics link to the CARES values?

We ask students to be courageous in their studies in mathematics by being inquisitive with new concepts and offering contributions during lessons. Students must aspire to be the best possible mathematician, methodically working through tasks and demonstrating respect when challenging the accuracy of peers suggested methods and answers. Students are encouraged to exhibit equality in working appropriately with any of their peers and self-control by being completely focused on their learning and committed to making the most progress possible.

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Key Stage 4

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