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Curriculum Intent

HHS strives to equip our students with an ambitious and aspirational, knowledge-rich curriculum that empowers young people to have the currency of choice for their futures. Our responsive curriculum will give students the necessary knowledge, skills and habits to become successful learners with balanced lifestyles and become successful adults beyond school, opening the door to university, apprenticeships or employment. Our curriculum acknowledges the importance of building students’ cultural capital, building an awareness of the world beyond their frame of reference and deliberately building the necessary vocabulary that enables them to make sense of the world. We want students to comprehend this complex and ever-changing world through
appreciating others, understanding what it means to be a good citizen and how to contribute to their communities. We want students to face challenges within school and in their wider life with courage, curiosity, critical thinking and resilience.

Subject Definition

CEAIG endeavours to equip students with the knowledge, skills and understanding to allow them to make well informed decision about their future.

How Careers & Guidance Links to our CARES Values

Students must be courageous throughout their education to overcome barriers and in turn, make informed decisions about their future. In order to do this, students must demonstrate the highest possible levels of aspiration.  Throughout the course of study, students will learn about the importance of showing respect, equality and self-control in the wider work of work and community.

How Careers & Guidance Links to British Values

British Values are embedded through all careers related learning activities.

Subject Staffing

Careers Link Governors – Ms B Ashby
Careers Leader  Ms R Avery
IAG Expert – Mrs T Harris
KS3 Careers Lead – TBA
KS4 Careers Lead – TBA

KS3 (3 years and KS4 (2 years) CEAIG Overview

Please see Careers Strategy documents for an overview of provision for all year groups.

HHS - Careers Programme Overview

Links to Enhanced Curriculum

  • Annual careers fair
  • Year 10 work experience
  • Employers engagement
  • Educational visits

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